DODO and BadgerDAO (BADGER) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

DODO and BadgerDAO are bottoming up from around their all-time lows. BADGER/USDT may break $10 while DODO/USDT appears ready for $1.5 in the short term.


The CertiK and SlowMist-audited swapping protocol use a modified AMM for better price stability. DODO is the primary token.

Past Performance of DODO

DODO prices are bottoming up from 2021 lows.

Despite the confidence, buyers are still limited to the upside, notably inside June 21 and 22 bear candlesticks.

In the short-term, bulls must overcome the $1.5 resistance level, ideally with increasing volumes, if momentum is to build for higher highs.

At the time of writing, DODO is up nine percent versus the USD.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

Overly, DODO/USDT prices range inside a $0.75 zone, with caps at $1.5 to the upside and $0.75 as primary support.

There is a double-bar bullish reversal of mid this week, which has been confirmed.

Still, for sustained gains, the uptrend must be defined with wide-ranging bull bars to draw interest and demand.

DODO/USDT Technical Analysis

Aggressive DODO buyers could load on dips, targeting $1.5 in the medium term, provided prices are edging higher.

This is critical since DODO price action is still inside June 21 and 22 bear bars, technically favoring bears of June 2021.

A close above $1.5 confirms bottoms and an opportunity for DODO buyers to reverse losses of May and June 2021.


The BadgerDAO protocol wants to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. As such, it allows builders to launch dApps with BTC as collateral. The platform’s governance token is BADGER.

Past Performance of BADGER

BADGER prices are stable from the daily chart, printing higher highs relative to the lower BB, suggesting increasing momentum and volatility.

Already, the double bar bullish reversal pattern of July 20 and 21 have been validated as demand build-up, a precursor for a possible break above $10.

At the time of writing, BADGER is up nine percent against the USD on the last trading day.

Day-Ahead and what to Expect

BADGER/USDT is trading within a bear breakout pattern following losses on June 21 triggered by those of May 19.

Presently, prices are in range, with caps at $10 and $7.

For trend continuation, BADGER buyers must close above $10, confirming gains of mid-this week.

BADGER/USDT Technical Analysis

The path of the least resistance is southwards as BADGER/USDT prices range at press time.

Gains above $10 validates gains of this week, possibly building demand for BADGER to soar towards $24 in buy trend continuation.

If BADGER prices collapse at spot rates below $7, reversing gains of the last four days, the token might sink to $3 in the medium term.



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