Polygon Network integrates with e-Money

  • Polygon network has a great start in the third quarter
  • New user can also use their native currency to begin trading and transacting.
  • This integration will bring European stablecoins to the Polygon users.

The Polygon network is gearing up for an exciting third quarter and will integrate e-Money into its network. In addition, it will enable e-Money to introduce its European stable coin to the network. 

In present times it is a challenge to accept crypto payments and blockchain technology. The field is expanding at a very fast rate, and many online platforms are being introduced. This expansion has also created a need for other physical assets, including stablecoins. 

New users can use the native currency to begin trading

eEUR, eCHF, eSEK, eNOK & eDKK are the e-Money stable coins which are entering the crypto arena. The stable coins are being introduced on the platform so that more users will be encouraged to connect with the network. The new user can also use their native currency to begin trading and transacting.

Stablecoin holders can accrue financial benefits from the tokens

Stable coins are interest-bearing, and this means the interest accrued from the underlying assets will be added within the token’s value. Thus token holders can get financial benefits from the tokens they are holding on the network.

e-Money stablecoins has the stamp of authenticity

The e-Money stablecoins will have the seal of authenticity since the quarterly audits will be done by Ernst & Young. It will ensure transparency and integrity of the e-Money stablecoins. 

Co-Founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, says that in a nutshell, this will guarantee Proof-of-Funds. e-Money happens to be the leader in the European blockchain industry, and its partnership with Polygon will ensure the availability of DeFi and financial services and strengthen stablecoin usage. A polygon with its high-speed infrastructure and e-Money will form a synergistic partnership that will augment each other’s strength.

e-Money can now interact with the Decentralized Finance applications

e-Money integration with Polygon has CEO and founder Martin Dyring-Anderson excited and said that Polygon users would be happy to gain access to European stablecoin benefits. e-Money can now interact with the Decentralized Finance applications, and it will also get a chance to widen its user base in real-world economics.

Finally, the integration of the European stablecoin is one more addition to the platform’s roster of stablecoins. It will enable European partners an option to integrate faster using their native currency in the crypto market. The integration of e-Money’s European stablecoins will be one more addition to Polygon’s array of stablecoins



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