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ZKSwap Introduces V2 Testnet, Teases Rewards for Testers

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Enhanced testing of ZKSwap is set to reflect the progress its team has made in the five months since the launch of V1 of the ZKSwap testnet. What’s new in V2 for ZKSwap enthusiasts?

ZKSwap introduces Unlimited Token Listing in V2 

The main function highlighted by ZKSwap’s second testnet inception is the “Unlimited Token Listing” instrument. Users are now able to list their assets on ZKSwap with zero listing fees.

Hey Y’all. ZKSwap V2 Testnet is officially launched today, Enabling Unlimited Token Listing feature together with two try out campaigns!

— ZKSwap (@ZKSwapOfficial) June 23, 2021

However,  users need to pay some transactional fees (gas) to the miners of the Ropsten Ethereum testnet . It is required for creating an ERC-20 token before adding it to ZKSwap.

Besides that, the V2 testnet is also designed to solve some issues with L1-L2 interactions, slow withdrawals and poor scalability of the existing Layer 2 Ethereum-based systems.

Should the product be running steadily, ZKSwap will go live on the mainnet after this stage of testing.

Promo campaigns have been announced for testers

To incentivize testers to try ZKSwap instruments, the exchange has introduced two large-scale promo campaigns. To take part in the first campaign,  users need to try ZKSwap and publish their feedback. 

Feedback posts should be of 50 words and larger. The creators of most valuable feedback will receive rewards of 50-200 ZKS tokens each.

The same rewards are offered to those who will provide the feedback about the Ropsten token listing. All feedback should be uploaded to the official ZKSwap forum.



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