Kraken to Allow Staking Kusama for Earning Altair Rewards

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has thrown its support behind Kusama parachain Altair.   

It means that the trading platform’s users will be able to stake Kusama (KSM), the native token of the experimental Polkadot version, in order to receive AIR, the native token of Altair.     

Altair was introduced by the Polkadot-powered Centrifuge last month for enabling the tokenization of real-world assets.

The parachain is also meant to ensure interoperability between Ethereum, Polkadot, and Kusama, thus boosting liquidity in the decentralized finance sector.

Altair will host the above-mentioned crowdloan event for KSM holders in order to secure enough tokens.

The participants will share 75 percent of the AIR rewards that represent almost 12 percent of the token’s initial supply.



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