BTC, ETH, and XRP Price Analysis for June 18

By the end of the week, the cryptocurrency market is located in the red zone.


Yesterday morning, buyers could not hold above the level of $39,000, and in the second half the pair rolled back to the area of average prices.

The four-hour EMA55 has slowed down the fall in the price, but this morning the pair is close to the $37,150 level.

One believes that this level may reverse the pair for recovery, and in the near future the price might recover to $42,450.

Bitcoin is trading at $37,890 at press time.


Yesterday in the morning, the Ethereum price continued to roll back below the four-hour EMA55 and reached support at $2,300 this morning. In this area is the POC line ($2,318), which withstood a fairly strong bearish momentum and limited the decline in the price of ETH.

One believes that today the recovery might begin, as a result of which the price can return above the moving average EMA55, and by the end of the week it may continue to rise to the resistance of $2,800.

Ethereum is trading at $2,330 at press time.


Yesterday XRP price failed to recover to the 4-hour EMA55 area. During the day, the pair slowly declined until late in the evening it bounced off the weekly low at $0.823.

Today, the XRP price can continue to slowly recover above the EMA55 moving average, and might test the $1 mark by the end of the week.

XRP is trading at $0.8333 at press time.



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