1,100 people arrested by Chinese Police on crypto-related money laundering charges

The Chinese police have arrested 1,100 potential criminals on money laundering charges, it is widely suspected that the suspects had been laundering money through cryptocurrencies. 

This is not the first instance such arrests have been made, this is the fifth round of the widely successful “Operation Card Breaking” launched by Chinese authorities against money launderers.

The Chinese ministry of public security just yesterday announced the arrest of these criminals on their official WeChat account. 

According to the statement released by the Ministry of Public Security, these people were arrested in simultaneous raids conducted in Beijing, Liaoning, Shanxi, and Hebei with the help of 23 different public security teams.

The statement also said that these 1,100 people belonged to 170 different criminal organizations all of which have been completely eliminated. 

The Public Security Ministry announced the crackdown in October 2020, since then more than 300,000 people have been arrested on these charges and more than 15,000 organizations involved in these activities have been eliminated.

These organizations used fake or stolen sim cards to sign up for exchanges and launder their money through it. The Chinese authorities have been really stringent upon money laundering through crypto from the start and it is one of the only reasons that has led to crypto falling into the bad books of the Chinese Government. 



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