Badger DAO and Curve DAO (CRV) Technical Analysis: What to Expect?

CURVE and BADGER prices are bottoming up though capped below critical resistance levels. BADGER/USDT and CURVE/USDT prices may rise to $23 and $3.5, respectively.

Curve DAO (CRV)

The Ethereum and xDAI-based AMM-powered swapping protocol Curve for stablecoins rely on the CRV token for governance.

Past Performance of CRV

The CRV price is bottoming up, unwinding losses from mid-May 2021 in a buy trend continuation pattern.

In the mid of this development, it is clear that sellers have been pressing lower, and the pullback comes as a relief for traders.

Presently, the CRV price is up roughly 21 percent against the USD, ETH, and BTC.

At the same time, there has been a surge in trading volumes, rising 57 percent to $293 million.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

Aforementioned, CRV/USD technical analysis indicates strength as prices bottom up.

The CRV price had plunged more than 80 percent from the daily chart, finding support at the 78.6 percent Fibonacci retracement level of the Q1 2021 trade range.

There has been confirmation of late May 2021 gains even though trading volumes are relatively low.

CRV/USDT Technical Analysis

CRV prices are edging higher, retesting the middle BB—the flexible resistance line.

At the same time, prices are inside the May 19 bear bar—twisting price action in favor of sellers.

However, aggressive CRV/USDT traders can buy the dips with targets at $3.5—May 19 highs.

Losses below $1.5 nullify the uptrend.


The DAO aims to promote the use of Bitcoin as collateral across DeFi protocols. Its native token is BADGER.

Past Performance of BADGER

The token is under pressure, trending below crucial support levels, as price action in the daily chart reveals.

Bottoming from new 2021 lows, BADGER is up nine percent against the USD.

At the same time, the token gained roughly five percent versus BTC and ETH.

Day-Ahead and What to Expect

Technically, BADGER is under pressure, trading in a bear breakout pattern.

At the same time, it is below the middle BB, hinting at sell pressure.

Overly, BADGER technical analysis points to sellers, and every high below April 2021 lows may be an unloading opportunity.

BADGER/USDT Technical Analysis

The path of the least resistance at the moment is upwards.

Aggressive traders can load the dips targeting $23—April 2021 lows—in line with gains of late May 2021 lows.

Overly, risk-averse traders can wait for a high volume close above $23, aware that losses below $10 may see BADGER prices tank to $3—May 19 lows.



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