Todd Morley Plans to Build Blockchain Tower in Manhattan: Report

Todd Morley, the co-founder and former executive of financial-services firm Guggenheim Partners, is to build a blockchain tower in midtown Manhattan.

  • The tower will incorporate a wireless network aiming to improve access to digital ledgers, and will be built by JDS Development Group in partnership with Overline, which Morley chairs, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.
  • Anyone within a certain radius of the tower would have access to blockchains, irrespective of their cellular or internet connection.
  • The plan is for the network to be made available on more skyscrapers, including some outside of Manhattan.
  • “This one building will be able to connect — sort of like a hand radio operator — everyone in New York City to a crypto trading wireless communication,” Morley told Bloomberg.
  • Overline “has developed a new way to decentralize communication — wireless communication — that could be used at the speed that would even allow crypto mining,” he said.

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