BYJU’s users can now learn cryptocurrency programming

  • BYJU’s seems to have launched a new course for children interested in learning the code behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin
  • Children’s under the age range of 6 years to 18 years old can now understand the codes
  • Currently, BYJU’s is available in India, United States, United Kingdoms, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico
  • Although the advertisements regarding the crypto-related course have been aired, the official site does not consist of such a specific course

BYJU’s is one of India’s largest education technology firms which Indian students mainly love. Following the scenario that cryptocurrencies have already achieved mainstream attraction globally with their price performances, BYJU’s is now offering coding courses. And the codings are related to the creation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. According to the announcement, it is observed that the course is being offered for children interested in distributed-ledger technology. Hence, the course is for children ranging under the age of 6 years to 18 years.

BYJU’s helping children to learn the code behind cryptos

Following the demand for crypto assets, firms around the world are diving in with innovative marketing strategies. The strategies are helping the firms to attract a large audience. Following the scenario, BYJU’s have also jumped in the wagon with its Future School offering the cryptocurrency coding course. The Future School is the latest venture of the ed-tech firm to expand internationally. However, the firm’s move will now help children to learn about the code used behind cryptocurrencies.

No crypto coding codes on the official website

Last month only BYJU’s had announced that the firm is planning to expand its global footprint. And for the expansion, the Future School venture has been playing a more significant role. Hence, the latest venture is already available in the United States, United Kingdoms, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Moreover, the firm also claimed that the acquisition of Aakash Educational Services’ WhiteHat Jr, which is the coding for kids subsidiary, has played an essential role. And helped the ed-tech firm to create the new platform offering one-to-one teacher and student sessions.

However, the mention of crypto-related coding courses has only been observed in advertisements. Following the firm’s official website, we do not find any course entitled “code-behind crypto”. Still, a lot of other coding courses have been found on the platform. And the courses were starting from Grade 1 to 10 plus being observed being offered on the official website of the Future School.



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