Coin Bureau Unveils Crypto Portfolio, Top Holdings and Investing Strategy

The host and founder of crypto information hub Coin Bureau is revealing the contents of his revamped digital asset portfolio.

In a new video, Coin Bureau’s Guy discloses that his cryptocurrency portfolio consists mostly of digital assets that rank among the top 20 by market capitalization.

The trader adds that his largest cryptocurrency investment is the top smart contract platform Ethereum (ETH), followed by Bitcoin (BTC).

“The first cryptocurrency I hold is the one and only Bitcoin, which currently makes up about 27% of my crypto portfolio.

ETH currently accounts for just over 30% of my total crypto holdings which makes it the largest slice of my portfolio pie.”

The third-largest allocation in Guy’s portfolio is the interoperability blockchain platform Polkadot (DOT) which is nearly 10% of the portfolio. Polkadot is currently the seventh largest digital asset by market cap and sits at a $42 million evaluation, according to CoinGecko.

“The third cryptocurrency in my portfolio is Polkadot, with DOT currently representing exactly 9.34% of my total crypto holdings.”

Cardano (ADA), another Ethereum competitor, follows DOT closely as the fourth-largest investment in Guy’s portfolio by allocation. Cardano is currently valued higher than Polkadot, with a $47 million market cap at time of writing.

“The fourth crypto project contained in my covers is Cardano, and ADA accounts for just under 8% of my crypto portfolio.”

Guy also holds blockchain oracle Chainlink (LINK), and it comprises less than 5% of his cryptocurrency portfolio.

“Chainlink is the fifth cryptocurrency I hold, and just over 4% of my portfolio is in LINK.”

Guy points out that his cryptocurrency investing strategy involves booking profits after massive rallies and only taking risks he is comfortable with.

“Even though I consider myself to be more of a hodler, when I see prices pump to what I believe to be unsustainable levels, I take profits. When I see that one of the cryptos I’m holding has cooled off, I add back to my position without trying to fish for the bottom.

Sometimes, I even decide to dabble in some new altcoins that I think have potential. Sometimes this pays off, but sometimes it doesn’t. This is why almost 50% of my portfolio has always been parked in BTC and ETH. Having such a heavy allocation in the two largest cryptocurrencies may reduce my reward, but it leaves me with a level of risk that I’m comfortable with.”



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